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BBQ Restorations is your BBQ Repair experts

Consider Orange County BBQ Restorations for all your BBQ repair, restoration, cleaning and BBQ maintenance needs. We’re factory trained and authorized to bring your grill  back to life.


We’re sure your BBQ grill  has delivered a lot of great taste to you over the years, and has literally burned itself out for your pleasure. So, is it fair to even consider replacing it and to throw it out just because it’s a little  rusted, the parts are worn out and it’s stained?

Experts say a good gas grill should last 8 to 10 years, depending on how often it’s used and how it’s taken care of. Usually the little parts of a gas grill go first, like the regulator and the starter, but most grill owners think of tossing the old boy out when they just like the looks of it anymore. Is that fair? Is it cost efficient? Why not restore it, for less than it would cost you to buy a new grill?

Every year thousands of Barbecue grills are thrown out, because they need some BBQ repairs, that could have been fixed by one our expertly trained technicians. For any busy family a BBQ has become a permanent staple in the preparation and cooking of meals. An appliance this important can’t be taken for granted.

We understand that this appliance will have to be ready when you are, and we are ready to come in and fire it back up at the first sign of trouble. Knowing how important the BBQ is to you, you may find yourself tempted to make the fixing of it a do it yourself job. Please, think twice before trying to fix a BBQ yourself. These appliances can be very dangerous and should be serviced and repaired by a professional highly trained technician.

At Orange County BBQ Restorations we restore:

  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Dynasty,
  • Viking,
  • Dynamic Cooking Systems DCS,
  • Lynx,
  • Turbo,
  • and more.

We service and supply parts for almost every grill on the market. Common repairs include:

  • Manual/Automatic Ignition components
  • Igniters adjustment and/or replacement
  • Burner restoration or replacement,
  • Heat shield repair/replace
  • Cooking grate refurbishment
  • Valve replacement
  • Regulator replacement
  • and gas fitting repair.
A BBQ repair service, and the right grill parts, can keep your grill operating in optimal condition for countless years to come.

Did we tell you we do tune ups and cleaning too?

  • Tune ups

20 Point safety inspections. Checking for a multitude of indicators. To assure safe and efficient grill operation.

  • Pro Cleaning

All the steps involved in the tune-up, including a thorough inspection, and the safety inspection. To assure safe and efficient grill operation.The interior and exterior of the grill is de-greased, washed, rinsed sanitized and polished to perfection.

  • Restoration Cleaning

An intense Deep Cleaning generally combined with a complete Restoration or Rebuild of the BBQ Grill. This BBQ cleaning will bring back the BBQ to like new condition.

BBQ Restorations is the number one choice for home and commercial BBQ repair, BBQ Cleaning, BBQ Grill Service and BBQ maintenance services in Orange County.

Barbecue Restorations services, and supplys parts for almost every Barbecue grill on the market including; Viking, DCS, Firemagic, AOG, Lynx, PGS, Jenn-Air, DACOR, TURBO, RCS, SunStone, CalFlame and more.

Barbecue Repairs

Common repairs include Manual/Automatic Ignition components and Igniters adjustment and/or replacement. Burner restoration or replacement, heat shield repair/replace, cooking grate refurbishment, valve replacement, regulator replacement, and gas fitting repair.

Barbecue Parts

A BBQ repair service, and the right grill parts, can keep your grill operating in optimal condition for countless years to come. Make BBQ Restorations your source for Barbecue repairs, Cleaning, Restorations, Parts and Replacement Barbecue Grills.

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Barbecue grills typically maintained annually clean up quite well like this DCS Barbecue
DcS barbecues before and after basic pro cleaning bbq restorations