Grill Cleaning, repair, restoration by bbq restorations

O.C Barbecue Cleaning, Repair and more

BBQ Restorations in Orange County, C.A specializes in BBQ Cleaning, repair and more.

Pictured is a FireMagic Barbecue in Orange County that direly needed to be cleaned and repaired due to lack of maintenance and regular tune ups. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that the owners of these barbecues didn’t have a barbecue guy, until they came across BBQ Restorations of Orange County. After the initial inspection and diagnosis, BBQ Restorations cleaned, repaired, and restored these barbecues.





Fountain Valley barbecue grill service image by bbq restorations




As you can see we clearly are able to achieve amazing results when it comes to BBQ grill repairs, gas grill repairs, Barbecue cleanings, outdoor heaters and fire-pit repair services.

We are also experts in barbecue upgrades, installation, removal & restoration of barbecue grills. We carry a full line of barbecue replacement parts from DCS BBQ grill parts, Viking burners, cooking grates, to Fire Magic igniters, burners to valves and cooking grates we repair, replace, restore, and fix virtually every BBQ on the market. So if your having trouble with your BBQ grill remember BBQ Restorations. Orange County C.A’s BBQ Grill Authority. Don’t forget to check out our home page or call us today at (949) 328-1991